He said "Bring on a brand-new renaissance
'Cuz I think I'm ready.
Well, I've been shakin' all night long,
But my hands are steady."

"Happiness is a warm gun, yes it is."

A little self-conscious about the 'x', but his parents were stoners, so what can ya' do? Blind in one eye, got a nasty cut on his face. Forty is around the bend, but he'd never fucking admit it. After all, the booze and the sex and the occasional snort keeps 'im young.
Needs a damn haircut, the fucking hippie. Been growin' out that hair since the military days. Dishonorable discharge his left fucking nut. Whatever.
It's okay.
He makes enough shooting bounties, anyway.
He fucking gets by. That's all he needs.

[[Alternate universe Xigbar blog. Let's see how this works out, kiddies. This shit is gonna be NSFW.]]
on-the-roxas asked: You lied to me about your age?


I swear I’m 37. I promise.

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  1. on-the-roxas said: That’s not what Chris Hansen said, and I mean, it is Chris Hansen. I’m torn here, Xigbar, completely torn.
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